The view in front of the Holistic Sanctuary where we had our colema procedure.

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Staying at The Farm At San Benito means quite a busy schedule for holistic wellness activities. After our live blood analysis, we were brought to our spacious and cozy 90-sq.m. garden villa, our home for two days where we had a quick change of clothes so we could catch up for our next program.

Our next activity was to have our immuno cell renewal. We were given the Coco and Turmeric Bath and Wrap. A warm coconut milk and turmeric mixture was placed all over our body and in traditional cultures like Ayurveda, it is believed that a hot bath of turmeric and coconut milk is a hundred times better than antibiotics. It is known worldwide as a powerful treatment to fight off viruses.

After a relaxing massage with the combination of turmeric and coconut milk, a bathtub filled with hot coconut milk and turmeric is waiting for us to immerse ourselves in. Soaking your body with the refreshing aroma of the ingredients used for the immuno cell renewal feels great and it’s one of the most unforgettable experiences we had at The Farm At San Benito. It is said that the procedure intensifies the detoxification process, boosts the immune system, and renews skin cells naturally.

A 30-minute magnesium flotation bath

To cap off our day, we had our dinner at Prana Ayurvedic Restaurant, which is influenced by the Ayurveda concept that has been around for thousands of years. We were treated to another sumptuous five-course meal with the tasty chili poppers with mayo dip as our appetizer. The red lentil soup was also a hit with us because we really liked the combination of the tomato paste and cumin in it. The quinoa tabbouleh was our favorite. It has that kick that we loved because of the mixture of quinoa, herbs, lemon and salt. The tofu stir fry with lemon rice as the main entree was also good, and of course the chocolate cake, with coconut milk instead of the usual milk used for baking cakes, is a must try. Prana’s recipes aim to help detoxify the human body as it focuses more on healthy living and well-being. It offers dishes that incorporate herbs, vegetables, fruits, plenty of water and spices. We were even serenaded by a duo with lovely songs we personally requested.

The following day was another busy day. We woke up feeling refreshed as we had a very relaxing sleep at the villa. Breakfast at Alive! restaurant awaited us. We had fresh salads, pancakes, fruit platters, homemade bread and pastries, beverages were all mouthwatering.

Unfortunately, we had to wait two hours more before we could eat because we were preparing for our colema procedure, a kind of colon cleansing that cleans the lower part of the colon with a warm solution that is introduced into our backside by gentle gravity. Going through it was a little uncomfortable at the beginning, not because something was painful but we felt shy because we had to discharge continuously which was the effect of the warm water with chamomile in our tummy which was inserted through a tube in our backside in front of the attendant. However, as the process went on, we were put at ease with the assurance that the medical staff administering this colon cleansing were well-trained professionals.

The coco-turmeric hot bath for immuno cell renewal.

Other wellness services that we tried were the ichroma, which determines how many antibodies we have developed from our Covid-19 vaccine, or if ever we unknowingly had Covid or got exposed to someone who was carrying the virus. Another is the water wellness, a hydrotherapy made up of different treatments resulting in physiologic changes that are beneficial to human health.

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