The Southpark Lagoon

If there’s a way to escape this pandemic just for a day or two, would you do it? A lot of us right now are dreaming of a safe environment, whether we’re at home, doing our groceries, or even dining in a restaurant, without being paranoid about catching the deadly Covid-19, which has paralyzed most of our movements. This dream, even if only for a short time, became a reality for me when we visited The Farm at San Benito recently.

In our last article about the healing sanctuary, we mentioned that the complex focuses on Holistic Wellness. Just upon our arrival at the vicinity, we were stopped by the guard so they could disinfect our car. After that, we were pulled on the side for our Covid-19 antigen test. We waited for about 10 minutes before we got the negative result to our relief, and then we were asked to proceed to the receiving area. Health and safety protocols are strictly implemented in the resort, according to the guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Infectious Disease (IATF-EID), the Department of Tourism (DOT), and the local government unit (LGU).

We were given a quick tour onboard a club car to some important areas of the vicinity. We were able to see the gardens where they grow different types of plants like lettuce, eggplants, corn, lemon grass, and the like. Some goats and chicken were also seen roaming around. We were also able to stop by the majestic 300-year-old mango tree near the Lagoon Lounge. They say that you can make a wish in front of the tree, and it can be granted.

The vegan pecan cake at Alive Restaurant

At lunch, we were treated to a sumptuous vegan five-course meal at Alive Restaurant, which specializes in vegan dishes. The sweet and spicy cauliflower inspired by a buffalo wings recipe was surprisingly good. The minestrone was tasty. The fresh spring roll with peanut butter sauce was very creamy and mouthwatering, and the main entree, the stuffed bell pepper with saffron risotto and garlic leeks sauce was more than enough to fill our tummy. The vegan pecan cake with natural sweetener is a must try. Who knows eating vegan food can be adventurous too?

The first holistic wellness service that we tried was the live blood analysis, a tiny drop of blood pin-pricked from your finger visualized under a special microscope. We were able to observe and appreciate a real-time visual representation of our live blood components, consisting of our red blood cells, white blood cells and their variations, and other residues. Seeing our blood components as they move and behave powerfully was quite alarming for us as we look forward to adapting a healthier lifestyle. (To be continued)

They say that you can make a wish in front of this 300-year-old tree, and it can be granted.