Instead of buying bottled water, just bring IVO water purifier on your trips

Travel has become an integral part of many people’s lives. During trips, there is one essential thing travelers will always need—clean and safe drinking water. 

This is where IVO comes in. It’s a faucet-mounted water purifier that could be one of the most important travel companions, as it ensures people will have access to clean water wherever they go. This eliminates the need to buy bottled water. 

Because IVO is small, compact, and attaches to any faucet, travelers would simply need to bring their tumblers, set up the unit in their hotels or Airbnb rentals, and have purified drinking water straight from the faucet. 

Shaina magdayao is IVO’s first celebrity ambassador in the Philippines. Photo by Kenneth M. del rosario.

As IVO celebrates its fifth anniversary in the country, the brand welcomes its first celebrity endorser, Shaina Magdayao. As an actress, dancer, model, and endorser, Shaina’s active lifestyle and conscious approach to health and wellness perfectly align with IVO’s mission of providing clean drinking water to millions of households.

“Water from IVO is the kind of water I want in my house. I was so impressed with IVO and wished I had known about it sooner,” said Magdayao at a contract signing event, where IVO announced her as an ambassador. 

The actress even suggests that individuals and companies that donate bottled water to charity should instead look into donating IVO water purifiers to lessen plastic use.

photo by Kenneth m. del rosario.

Admittedly, Magdayao said she needs to be drinking more water. And she has since started her day by drinking a glass of water upon waking up in the morning. An advocate for healthy living, especially after her diagnosis of hypothyroidism, Magdayao sees the IVO water purifier as a vital addition to her travel essentials. 

As filming of her projects often occurs in a bubble, Magdayao plans to bring her IVO to work to ensure she has access to clean water at all times. With her busy lifestyle, the convenience and reliability of IVO make it an invaluable asset.

When Moduvi, the distributor of IVO, launched the product five years ago, it wanted to educate the market and provide them with an alternative way of drinking clean water. While many Filipinos still prefer buying bottled water or having their water delivered from a water refilling station, thousands have made the shift, discovering the power and convenience of simply using a faucet-mounted water purifier. 

They have made a lot of headway in convincing people to make the shift to using IVO, but there’s still a long way to go for the brand. With Shaina as a celebrity ambassador, the hope is to further expand their reach and inspire more Filipinos to be extra cautious in choosing the water they drink, said Donna Yan, Moduvi general manager.

Yan is proud that five years after its debut in the local market, IVO has become the top-selling faucet-mounted water purifier in the market.

Aside from providing clean drinking water, water purified with IVO is also great for washing fruits and vegetables and is ideal for cooking rice and making the perfect cup of coffee.

IVO is also super lightweight (only 300 grams) and designed to blend well with any kitchen theme, which means it’s not going to ruin a house’s aesthetic.

IVO utilizes an advanced hollow fiber membrane technology, similar to that used in dialysis machines and artificial kidneys, to filter drinking water. Its 0.1-micron filtration system ensures that even the tiniest contaminants like E. coli, salmonella, and amoeba are effectively removed. This cutting-edge technology guarantees 99.99% bacteria-free drinking water, providing users with peace of mind during their travels—or their everyday lives at home.

Furthermore, IVO’s commitment to sustainability sets it apart from conventional water purifiers. Its compact cartridge can provide up to 1,500 liters of water, equivalent to 79 five-gallon water containers or about 5,000 300ml plastic water bottles. 

IVO’s cartridge is DOH-FDA, NSF, and JIS certified, meeting the highest standards for water purification. IVO is available nationwide at LazMall, ShopeeMall, IVO.PH, and select Mercury Drug, Ace Hardware, True Value, AllHome, Anson’s, and Rustan’s branches.

Kenneth M. del Rosario
Kenneth has been writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for more than 17 years, covering travel, food, motoring, technology, real estate, and business, among others.