Dive in! A visit to Lake Pandin isn’t complete with experiencing its clear waters.

Lake Pandin is such a picturesque place, with its clear waters enveloped in lush greenery. 

One of the seven lakes of San Pablo City in Laguna, Lake Pandin is arguably the most pristine among them all, which is why many has referred to it as the “city’s best kept secret.”

Coming to Lake Pandin is a truly one-with-nature experience. Visitors are ferried on a bamboo raft that brings them to a wonderful spot, where they can swim in water that is not too cold nor too warm.

Lunch like no other. This meal alone would make you want to come back to Lake Pandin over and over again. Trust us.

Aside from the Instagram-ready view, visitors can also avail of the lunch package offered by the organizers, which includes inihaw na tilapia, ensaladang pako, ginataang hipon, banana, and fresh coconut.

Lake Pandin is not only picturesque and ideal for swimming. It’s also beaming with local fish such as tilapia, shrimp, mudfish, and catfish. Elsewhere in the surroundings of Lake Pandin, there are wild chickens and birds such as bakaw. There’s also the occasional monkey that would show up once in a while.

Lake Pandin has an area of 20.5 hectares and a maximum depth of 63 meters. Right next to it is a sister lake, Lake Yambo, which travellers can visit as well as the two lakes are separated by only a narrow strip of land.

Sit back and enjoy nature on the way to the swimming spot.

Over the years, Lake Pandin has built a reputation as a quaint tourist attraction that is still devoid of commercial establishments. Though the organizers there, led by the people in the community who live in the area, have stepped it big time this year, putting up a makeshift kubo that sells souvenir items (mostly handicrafts made from coconuts), as well as more signages that make running the place more professional.

What makes a visit to Lake Pandin even more meaningful is the feeling of camaraderie or bayanihan that everyone in the community displays. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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