Image by David Mark from Pixabay

With the streets and parks empty of people, it’s a good time to have things fixed and that is what the City of Manila is doing right now.

After the long quarantine, when people would have started going out, they would see a refreshed city where streets are cleaned, potholes fixed, curbs and railings repainted, and parks and gardens beautified.

During the ECQ time, the Manila City Hall has been busy sprucing up the city’s parks and public areas. 

It has deployed its parks development office and department of public services to clean the streets, declog street drainages, and replant and replace the plants on the center islands and beautify the parks.

Recto Avenue corner Quezon Boulevard gets a wash-over

Areas where sprucing up was done include Recto Avenue, Taft Avenue, Arroceros, Lacson Avenue, Kalaw Avenue, Espana Boulevard, and Abad Santos. Mehan Garden and Kartilya ng Katipunan area were likewise spruced up. 

Center island near Manila City Hall

The Anda Circle, located at the boundary of Intramuros and Port Area in central Manila, gets improved with repair works being done on the roundabout. 

Foliage at Mehan Garden gets the needed trimming

The Lagusnilad Underpass, the passageway that links Manila City Hall and Intramuros, is also undergoing rehabilitation. When the project is finished, the Books from Underground bookstore will also resume operations. 

A city for tourists, Manila is a historic city that still has remnants of the past, which include areas and infrastructure dating back to the colonial era of Spanish and American rule.