No more mundane travel moments with the Nothing Ear (2)

Traveling to new destinations is always exciting, but the journey itself can sometimes be a little monotonous. Think of long-haul plane trips or slow-and-steady sea travel, where a lot of times, listening to music or watching a movie on your phone is the easiest way to pass up time.

This is where the Nothing Ear (2) true wireless earbuds come in, helping travelers while away the hours during their travels, providing hours of uninterrupted music that makes your trip more enjoyable. 

First off, I’d like to commend the long-lasting battery of the Nothing Ear (2). In the last two weeks that I tested the product, not once did the earbuds run out of juice on me. 

That’s saying a lot considering I spent three days in Nueva Ecija with a friend vacationing from the UK, attended a three-day NLEX Lakbay Norte media trip in Zambales, went on a three-day cruise-like experience for the 2GOkada Creators Cruise which brought us to Iloilo and Bacolod, and spent two days covering the Anilao Underwater Shootout in Batangas.

In between these activities, I was conducting phone and video interviews for work. I also ran a total of 20 kilometers in that span of time, all the while using the earbuds. It was on the 13th day of usage when the Nothing Ear (2) finally alerted me that it only had 10% of the battery left.

Let’s look at some more of the reasons why the Nothing Ear (2) is an ideal audio companion for your next adventure:

1. Easy pairing and seamless connectivity. With the Ear (2), pairing your devices is a breeze. Once connected to your devices, the Ear (2) automatically reconnects whenever you put them back in your ears. Say goodbye to the frustration of complicated pairing processes and enjoy instant and effortless connectivity.

2. Sleek design and comfort. The Ear (2) boasts a sleek and elegant design that effortlessly complements any travel attire. The unique transparent casing not only adds a touch of sophistication but also allows you to see the intricate internal components of the earbuds. With their lightweight construction and ergonomic fit, these earbuds offer supreme comfort, making them perfect for extended wear during long flights, train rides, or road trips.

3. Noise cancellation for a peaceful journey. When it comes to travel, peace, and tranquility are highly valued. The Ear (2) excels in providing a noise-free environment, thanks to its advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. Whether you’re on a noisy plane, train, or bus, the Ear (2) blocks out external distractions, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your music or podcasts. You won’t even hear a crying baby if you’re seated next to one (thank God!).

4. Smart features for convenience. The Ear (2) is packed with intelligent features that enhance your overall listening experience. One notable feature is the earbuds’ ability to detect when you remove one from your ear. This convenient feature automatically pauses the music, ensuring you never miss a beat. Once you put the earbuds back in, the music resumes seamlessly. This eliminates the need to manually pause and play your music, providing a hassle-free experience.

5. Long-lasting battery life. Travel often involves hours of commuting or waiting time, and having reliable battery life is paramount. The Nothing Ear (2) offers an impressive battery life, providing up to 5.7 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Moreover, the sleek charging case holds multiple additional charges, extending the total battery life of up to 36 hours. Additionally, Ear (2) provides battery level warnings, alerting you when the battery is at 10%. This feature allows you to plan your charging accordingly, so you never run out of power when you need it the most.

6. Immersive sound. The Ear (2) delivers an authentic and immersive sound experience. With Hi-Res Audio certification and LHDC 5.0 technology, these earbuds reproduce every note and detail with precision, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music in stunning clarity. As a hardcore Mariah Carey fan, I’ve been listening to her music for decades. But it’s interesting how I seemingly hear a hidden instrumental or a soft whisper in the background that I don’t remember hearing before. 

The Nothing Ear (2) has emerged as a game-changer in the world of wireless earbuds, offering a seamless combination of style, functionality, and portability. Whether you’re exploring new destinations or embarking on a long journey, the Nothing Ear (2) is one heck of a travel companion.

Kenneth M. del Rosario
Kenneth has been writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for more than 17 years, covering travel, food, motoring, technology, real estate, and business, among others.