Old photos of Boracay in the ’70s and ’80s depict a very laidback island

Boracay in the 1980s

Facebook page Boracay Island posted old photos of the famous island that depict a very much laidback island dotted with coconut trees and nipa huts and a few small boats anchored on the white powdery beach with hardly any commercial buildings in sight.

“This is how Boracay looks like when I first went there, way back in the mid 1980’s. Just plain and laid back but would captivate your heart with it’s pure beauty,” commented Evonne Salvador.

“If you only could turn back time! Great photos and it woke up wonderful memories,” commented Bertil Larsson.

The photos, posted on June 7, are grouped under Old Images of Boracay way back ‘70s and ‘80s and are credited to ©LA Kuray, ©Dieter Schrottmann, ©Bernie Rekittke, ©Christian Perez, ©Danni Solidum, ©Jocke Borell, ©Melisa Geronimo De Lara, ©Schaer Benny, ©Bing John, ©Claude Gindrat+, ©Vickot Ocskai, ©Michael Hennessey, ©Rolf Streiff Priore, ©Peter Besserer, ©Daniel Studer-Maxey.

To engage the FB community, Boracay Island asked them to guess the location where the old photos of Boracay were taken.

Manoc Manoc beach

Rhode Luz Cero commented: “My memory of Boracay when I was small. We walk our way to the kapilya located in Manoc Manoc. I loved that experience and I really cannot forget walking along a portion of the sea during low tide and seeing this small shallow stream-like body of water. There were mangroves also combined with white sand and blue sky. A serene place, one would know that it is a gift to humanity. SALAMAT Boracay for knowing you early on. Hope you will be restored to the old peaceful and gentle sanctuary. Godspeed!”

Where D Mall now stands used to be an area with nipa hut cottages.

An old photo of Bolabog beach where there was no building or structure just a canopy of coconut trees lining the beach.

Friday’s used to be dotted with nipa hut cottages with beachfront access.

Beach at station 1 in the 1970s.

Photo shows a small nipa hut liquor bar-cum-sari-sari store. One commenter, Benka Johansson said: “I know that nest…I used to drink beer there year 1987 in December.”

An old photo of Diniwid beach filled with bancas

The area where Boracay Terraces now stands.

From Don Johnson Torayno: “I believe this is where Crimson, Movenpick and Shangrila Boracay stands now. They share the same beach line. Landmark is that big rock on the beach.”

A black and white 1973 photo of Puka beach, where shell gatherers on their small boats converged.

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