Photo from Pamplona Tourism Office.

The Pamplona River in Cagayan province is basking on renewed attention as it transforms itself into a major tourism draw in the municipality. 

Through its Isla Paraiso Floating Cottages, which recently underwent a facelift to upgrade its look and facilities, the local government is keen on boosting the tourism industry through this entertaining and family-friendly attraction. 

There’s a lot to look forward to in the floating cottages, with the delicious local food at the centerstage. Local performers are there to entertain guests with songs and dances that feature the rich and unique culture of the Cagayanos.

Photo from Pamplona Tourism Office.

While waiting for food to be served, guests can enjoy kayaking, boating, and farm fishing. Oh, and the colorful cottages are Instagram-worthy. 

The good thing about the floating cottages are they are huge, easily accommodating 40 individuals, which means the whole extended family can join in on the fun.

But while enjoying the floating cottages is cool, the star of the show remains to be Pamplona itself. It is a quaint municipality—quiet (no honking cars or shouting vendors), often with the sound of the flowing river in the background. 

The Pamplona River seems to be endless, with lush greenery and birds flying freely all around, which makes the floating cottages experience all the more relaxing.

Photo from Pamplona Tourism Office.

While Cagayan province is famous for its pristine beaches and many historical places, the town of Pamplona and the floating cottages present a different facet to the municipality’s tourism offerings.

One cannot talk about floating cottages and not mention the famous Loboc River Cruise in the province of Bohol. The Isla Paraiso Floating Cottages definitely exude a similar vibe, though they both have their own unique charm.

At the moment, the floating cottages can only accommodate guests from Pamplona to adhere to health and safety protocols. But once restrictions are eased, they would be able to welcome guests from other parts of the country.