The Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) is kind of like a supercharged national park. When we say there’s a multitude of activities you can do within this large circular park, that’s no overstatement.

Called “Circle” by the locals, the park features a hodgepodge of attractions, each bringing a different flavor to the place. There’s something new for everyone to do, even for visitors who frequent the place on a regular basis.

The QMC has undergone many changes and beautification projects. Over the years, the park has welcomed additional features such as amusement park rides, restaurants, and museums.

But one thing remains the same: The most recognizable and iconic landmark in the park is still the 66-meter art-deco Quezon Memorial Shrine, with three angels above the mausoleum of former President Manuel Quezon, to whom the park and the city was named after.

The QMC is popular for individuals looking for a place to sweat it out in the morning with a walk, a run, or a Zumba session. It’s also common to see people casually playing badminton or volleyball. It is estimated that some 8,000 people visit the QMC on average every day. That figure balloons to 12,000 on weekends.

Part of the allure of the park is its accessibility, located in the center of the city. It will become even more accessible when the station for the upcoming Manila Metro Rail Transit System Line 7 (Quezon Memorial MRT Station) opens in a few years.

Other popular activities include riding a bicycle (there are bikes for rent here) or children playing in the playground, as well as checking out plants for sale. There’s even a zip line for the more adventurous visitor. There are several dining outlets and food stalls that sell different snacks.

Of course there are also the picnic areas for the more traditional park-goers where they can just sit on the grass or benches, read a book, or play Mobile Legends.

The best thing about going to QMC is that it’s free of charge to enter (though parking fees apply for those bringing their vehicles). Some attractions within the park may also charge additional fees.