Rent a beautiful island in Cavinti for the price of five cups of coffee

Imagine waking up to the gentle chirping of birds on a beautiful island, surrounded by a calm lake and picturesque surroundings. Now, imagine that you can experience all of this for as little as P1,000 per day. 

You read that right: You can rent an entire island for practically the price of five coffee cups. The island is called Isla Maria, a gem in Cavinti that boasts 1,200 square meters of pure paradise. 

Having the whole place to yourself ensures exclusivity and privacy, which are hard to come by in today’s bustling world. The serene and picturesque surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a peaceful and quiet retreat away from the stresses of daily life.

Isla Maria’s commitment to exclusivity is commendable. With only one booking accommodated at a time, guests can rest assured that during their stay, no one else will be able to visit the island. 

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway for two or a fun-filled adventure with your friends or family, Isla Maria can cater to your needs.

When it comes to accommodations, Isla Maria offers options to suit various group sizes. For two people, you can rent a camping tent for just P1,000 per day, providing a cozy and unique experience under the stars. 

For larger groups of up to six people, they can opt for a spacious and comfortable family room for only P4,600 per day, ensuring everyone has a place to rest and relax.

Dealing with the island’s staff members is a breeze, thanks to their friendly and accommodating nature. From the moment you arrive, guests will be greeted with warm smiles and helpful assistance. 

Isla Maria offers a range of options to enhance your island getaway. Included in the rental is access to a fully equipped kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, gas stove, and cooking and dining utensils. 

This means guests have the option to bring their own food to the island without worrying about any corkage fees. The fully equipped kitchen provides the opportunity to prepare meals according to their tastes and preferences. Alternatively, they can enjoy a delicious breakfast at the resort for only P150 per meal. For a unique dining experience, you can even request a boodle fight, a Filipino tradition of feasting on food spread out on banana leaves. 

There’s also a karaoke machine and kayak that guests can use as much as they want, with no extra charge.

Isla Maria can accommodate up to 50 guests at one time, making it an ideal destination for birthdays, reunions, or corporate events. The island’s spaciousness ensures that everyone can find their own slice of paradise.

Beyond the island, guests can engage in thrilling water activities, such as jet skiing, available for P6,000 per hour. For those who enjoy fishing, the island offers the chance to catch your own meal. 

Guests can also go island-hopping for just P1,500 (good for 10 people), where they can embark on a scenic tour of the neighboring islands. Alternatively, they can rent a bamboo raft and relax in the middle of the lake, allowing the gentle sway of the water to soothe their senses.

For those who prefer a day trip rather than an overnight stay, Isla Maria offers a convenient package for only P300 per person. This includes boat transfers, use of the room facilities, and access to the videoke machine. The day trip lasts from 7am to 6pm, giving them ample time to soak up the sun, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the island’s facilities.

To book your island getaway, simply visit Isla Maria’s Facebook Page and send them a message. It is recommended to make reservations at least one week prior to your desired date of stay or visit, as availability can vary.