Seashells invade Boracay beach

Nowadays, Boracay seems like it has reverted back to its pristine island paradise state with hardly any people around, except for the locals and a few tourists who chose to be quarantined there.

Toti Arcibal Saluna, a Boracay local, has been posting postcard quality photos of the island paradise on her Facebook profile that show mesmerizing sunsets and the beautiful deserted beach on lazy afternoons.

Life in Boracay was serene and peaceful, nothing out of the ordinary really. But on Sunday, May 24, Saluna posted a photo of a beach in Station 2 filled with seashells.

According to a comment on her post, the shells were scattered all throughout Station 1 to Station 3. “Ang dami naman po kung ganun….kasi mula Station 1 to Station 3 po merun, in short, buong beach front merun nyan….I saw it on my own eyes…”, according to one Maryjoy Bailado Adolfo. (“There are so many of them, from Station 1 to Station 3, the whole beach has them. I saw it with my own eyes.”)

Another commenter said, “Yan na siguro ung effects ng paglinis ng isla… Makikita na healthy na ang beach jn kasi andaming ganyan…god bless po sating lahat.” (“That’s the effects of the
island being cleansed…you can see the beach is healthy because of this.”) The unusual scene was reported by ANC. As per ANC report, quoting the city environment and natural resources office in Boracay, it was the first time they had seen so many seashells scattered on the beach. They theorized that someone must have collected scallops and they were accidentally thrown to the sea resulting in the shells getting washed on the beach.

But according to a news report by Energy FM 107.7 in Kalibo, which investigated the event, the seashells came from underneath the pontoons that were used as temporary docking for boats. The
pontoons were moved and the shells which had converged underneath came out by the hundreds. The residents collected the shells, consisting of clams and scallops, but they were already empty.

Raquel P. Gomez
Special Features writer at Philippine Daily Inquirer. She is tasked to write anything under the sun, but certain topics appeal to her personally, like technology, gardening, cooking, food, movies, TV series, heritage and historical areas, and travel. You may email her at