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Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is blessed with dozens of lakes and other natural attractions. But perhaps the most enchanting among them all is a cluster of waterfalls—seven in total.

You read that right. Seven. The area is aptly called Seven Falls, a rare and natural wonder that is unlike any other in the country, or maybe even the world.

Few can rival its beauty. The area where the Seven Falls is located manages to be imposing, breathtaking, magnificent, and otherworldly all at the same time.

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The strong water that runs through the different falls come from outflows of Lake Sebu. The outflows go to Lonon River and catches by the smaller Lake Siloton before reaching the first of the seven falls.

Tip: Make sure to wear comfortable clothes when you visit the area, as well as footwear that works best for walking in a trail.

The first falls that visitors see when they visit the area is the “Hikong Alo,” a 35-feet tall falls. Though the most accessible among the seven falls, water is murky and swimming is not allowed. The beauty of the falls is a very convincing invitation for guests to continue their journey to check out the rest of the Seven Falls.

The second falls called “Hikong Bente” is twice as tall as the first one, with height reaching 70 feet. Though guests can enjoy the falls’ beauty from a viewing deck near the trail, visitors can descend 774 steps to enjoy the beauty of the falls from a worm’s-eye view.

Photo by Glaiza Lee.

While visiting the first two waterfalls is quite easy, with only a couple of minutes of hike, reaching the other five (Hikong B’Lebel, Hikong Lowig, Hikong Ukol, Hikong K’Fo-I and Hikong Tonok) takes a bit more effort. In fact, travelers who really want to check out the last two falls need an experienced guide.

A faster and easier way to view the other falls is by riding the Seven Falls zipline. (More info on that on a future article).

Over the years, the road going to Lake Sebu has improved, which has led to a boom in tourism. While a trip to the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu can be done in one day, there are accommodations (home stays are an option most times) in town for travelers who want to stay the night.