Photo by Olan Emboscado.

It’s amazing how much beauty one can see in one minute.

But when you’re riding on a zipline that runs through nature’s best wonders, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

This is especially true when you ride the Seven Falls zipline in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato, Mindanao. As the name suggests, the zipline gives its riders an awesome view of this breathtaking cluster of falls (and a beautiful rainbow, most days).

At 180 meters above the ground, the Seven Falls zipline is said to be the highest—and longest—zipline in Southeast Asia. Many would say it’s also the most scenic among them all. At P250 a ride, it’s really also one of the cheapest zipline rides.

Photo from Izah Morales-Dy.

The view of the waterfalls from the top is worth all the trouble. And the journey itself to the zipline is nothing short of spectacular. You might even encounter some wild monkeys along the way.

The zipline is actually divided into two rides. The first part of zipline is 740 meters long (lasting some 40 seconds), allowing riders to enjoy the stunning scenery and at least three of the seven falls.

The second part of the zipline ride (which riders reach with a short hike) has a length of 420 meters (lasting some 30 seconds per ride). Though shorter than the first ride, the view is equally fantastic—that is if you manage to conquer your fear of heights enough to take it all in.

Photo by Johan Aguilar.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. I mean, how often do you get to appreciate seven waterfalls from above?

One of the visitors who had tried the zipline said that this was the most frightening ride of his life. That’s saying a lot, considering he had gone skydiving, spelunking, and adventure hiking.

He said it “scared the pants off of him,” but that it was a truly amazing experience.

Tip: If, by any chance, you forget your camera or don’t want to risk dropping your smartphone while taking photos and videos of the scenery while whooshing your way in the zipline, there are GoPro cameras for rent. There are also photographers on standby to capture your zipline adventure.