Perfect spot for some peace and relaxation.

Sicogon Island’s beautiful transformation is well underway. Once a favorite secret getaway of the rich and famous three decades ago, the 1,100-hectare island in Carles, northern Iloilo was quickly overtaken by other tourist destinations.

Perhaps because of the lack of easy access or accommodations, the island lost some of its appeal to many tourists. 

After decades of hiatus, Sicogon Island is in the process of regaining its luster which made it popular for paragliding and kite surfing.

Today, the island is quickly becoming a thriving and inclusive resort community and jump off point to other beach destinations like the majestic Gigantes Group of Islands.

Paddle-up surfing.

The transformation began when Ayala Land acquired the island in 2013. In the past seven years, the island has metamorphosed from a quiet, nothing-to-really-do-here place, into a peaceful, relaxing respite for individuals who want to get away from the world.

A slew of several world-class boutique resorts are seen to rise over the next few years. The first of these boutique resorts to open is Huni, a homegrown Ayala Land brand. More resort towns, offering dining, retail and other lifestyle options will open soon.

Instagram-ready shots every single time.

There’s also the recently opened Sicogon Airport, which makes access to the island very convenient. Transport hubs would be central to the developer’s plan to create a town center with a public market, church, and commercial spaces built around a five-hectare lagoon surrounded by a boardwalk. 

In so many words, Sicogon Island—after years of remaining pretty much under the radar, is back. It’s not your average tourist destination—it’s a place where individuals can look forward to recharge, reflect, and appreciate and love nature like never before.