Skin Manila provides a ‘getaway’ for your skin; Baguio location turns 1

Skin Manila in Baguio. Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario

As you plan your next adventure, remember that your skin deserves a “getaway,” too. 

This ensures you look your absolute best, especially in the photos you will be taking on your trip and posting on your social media accounts. Aside from being a confidence booster, having proper skincare provides a shield, protecting your skin from various elements you may encounter.

Skin Manila offers your skin this much-needed “vacation.” The aesthetic clinic has been providing expert skin care and high-quality treatments since 2013. It has nine branches in the country, with its Baguio branch (located at SM City Baguio) recently celebrating its first anniversary.

Skin Manila understands that one’s skin is not just a canvas but a reflection of an individual’s health and well-being. 

Picolase Machine

“With the growing interest in self-care and the value of putting one’s best face forward, it’s not surprising that many Filipinos are demanding accessible, high-quality, and science-based professional aesthetic and medical care,” said Dr. Marie Jasmine Reyes, Skin Manila’s visionary Medical Director and CEO.

The company’s philosophy is simple yet profound: real people, real results. To celebrate its Baguio branch’s anniversary, Skin Manila is offering a “Buy One Get One (BOGO)” promo until December 31, 2023, making expert care accessible to more people.

Planning a trip involves meticulous preparation, from choosing the perfect destination to packing the right outfits. However, skincare should not be overlooked.

Skin Manila’s unique approach makes it stand out in the crowded skincare industry. For one, the company boasts high-end European-made machines, ensuring the best possible treatments. Their medical-grade facials, laser stem cell programs, and scar revisions are tailored for optimal results.

Its holistic approach is built on a legacy of trust, with treatments coupled with expert diet advice acknowledging the importance of overall well-being. The company’s treatments are also geared toward the Filipino skin, which is why desired results are almost always achieved.

Each Skin Manila branch is designed to harmonize with its location. The Baguio branch, for instance, welcomes clients with a cozy cabin atmosphere, blending seamlessly with the city’s ambiance.

In addition, the 124 sqm Baguio clinic houses a wide catalog of infusion treatments, cosmetic surgery services, rejuvenation, and skin repair along with their in-house skin care product: Prescription Skin Care (PSC).

Photo by Kenneth M. del Rosario

Skin Manila has come a long way since its first branch opened in UP Village 10 years ago. Thanks to the power of word of mouth and consistency in delivering effective results, the company took off and became synonymous with high-quality and accessible research-developed skincare solutions. 

For Skin Manila, turning one in Baguio City is a remarkable milestone. The groundwork may have just begun, but Reyes said Skin Manila is here for the long run.

Reyes said: “We [at Skin Manila] have been committed to making our aesthetic and dermatology expertise accessible to every Filipino—everything from the proven results and expert care, down to the sensorial benefits of a relaxing session at our spa. In light of that, we hope to inspire and empower more people to take charge of their skin by seeking expert advice on treatments that are right for their skin needs and conditions.”