Photo from Tinnie’s Food Products Facebook Page.

There’s a locally made peanut butter in Romblon which has, over the last two and a half decades, successfully positioned itself as one of the more popular pasalubong from the region.

We’re talking about the awesome peanut butter from Tinnie’s Food Products, which manufactures food spreads and other items.

From humble beginnings (they started in 1996), the company managed to grow its business, in part by joining trade exhibits and fairs around the country.

Today, Tinnie’s is one of Romblon’s best-selling peanut butter names. It has made a name for itself not just in Romblon, but in other places such as Mindoro, Metro Manila, and Bohol.

Made from 100 percent pure peanuts, with no added sugar and extenders, Tinnie’s peanut butters first gained traction from locals. Eventually, travelers to the area “discovered” its yummy taste and started buying it as pasalubong.

Photo from Tinnie’s Food Products Facebook Page.

With the abundant supply of peanuts in the province, Tinnie’s has expanded its range of offerings. They also now sell sugar-coated and fried peanuts, as well as pickled papaya and guava jelly spread.

Working to Tinnie’s favor is the fact that peanut butter is essentially a staple in Filipino family’s tables, whether part of a snack or a hearty breakfast.

Also, like any peanut butter, Tinnie’s is packaged in a nice container which makes it easier to transport.

Aiming to bring a healthier version of the spread to as many Filipino homes as possible, Tinnie’s peanut butter is also relatively affordable and has a long shelf life which, again, makes it an ideal

Photo from Tinnie’s Food Products Facebook Page.

Not surprisingly, with the success of the company’s products, Tinnie’s was able to construct a small building which houses its machinery, where production of its products happen.

With the help of the Department of Trade and Industry, the enterprise was able to acquire three full-time employees, and one part-time employee to help grow production.

While Tinnie’s also felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on operations and demand, the company sees this an opportunity to innovate and expand its product lines to support the business and its workers.