Travelling solo or with friends is always fun, but going on a trip with your fur baby is even more awesome. Thankfully, the Philippines is an ideal place to travel with pets, more specifically dogs. Most malls or parks allow doggos to roam around and inside the establishments, so long as they comply with their respective paw-licies. There are even restos that encourage that you bring your best buddies!

If you’re planning on travelling with your furry buddies soon, here are some tips to remember to make sure no unnecessary hassles come about to both you and your dog (or dogs!).

  1. If you decide to travel by bus with your pet BFF, we suggest putting him or her in a crate or carrier to avoid accidental escapes or bites. If your doggo is a barker, perhaps it’s a good idea to put a muzzle on him/her so as not to disturb other passengers in the bus or call any unwanted attention. More importantly, call the bus company ahead of time to make sure that they do allow pets on board.
  1. Be prepared to be seated at the back of the bus with doggie or even pay for an extra seat. Whatever the bus company’s policies are on carrying live animals on board, never allow your pet to be in the cargo terminal or compartment underneath the bus. Not only is this downright cruel, it is illegal. RA8485 or The Animal Welfare Act prohibits placing animals in the trunk or under the hood trunks of vehicles. 
Photo from Chesire Police
  1. If you’re travelling via a private vehicle, it’s best to get your furry friend a pet car seat belt for added safety. If possible, open the windows so Spot can not just see where you’re going, but also smell it. Avoid petting or putting your dogs on your lap while driving so you don’t get distracted. If you’re travelling with a companion, ask him or her to look after your pet while you drive.
  1. If you’re going on a long road trip, make regular stops, perhaps in a gasoline station or even on the side of the road (as long as it’s safe to do so). This way, you and your furry friend can get to stretch a little bit. This is also an opportunity to allow your pets to relieve themselves so they don’t accidentally make a mess in your car.
  1. While you’re done stretching or walking your dog for a couple of minutes, make sure to give him or her water.
  1. Don’t forget to bring their favorite snacks so the doggos has something to munch on even while on the road. Try Maxime’s line of premium dog food, which contains essential ingredients such as pre and probiotics, DHA, and Omega 3 and 6. The locally produced dog food comes in four variants for puppers and doggos: the Maxime Standard Adult Prime Dog Diet for a complete and balanced diet; the Maxime Standard Puppy Prime Dog Diet is meant to improve a pupper’s nutrient absorption; the Maxime Elite Adult Prime Dog Dietis meant to boost the immune system and give dogs a shinier fur and coat; while the Maxime Elite Puppy Prime Dog Diet has added DHA to accelerate brain development.
  1. If you happen to be travelling by plane, always have your dog’s vaccination records with you. Also, keep your pet’s collar and name tag on at all times. Do not feed him or her four hours before the flight to avoid vomiting.
  1. Lastly, always be respectful of other people around you during the travel or when you reach your destination, keeping in mind that not every one loves dogs as much as you do (no matter how cute your pup is!). So if you encounter some people who may give you a weird look for bringing your furry friend with you, just smile, carry on, and enjoy your trip.