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The Philippines is blessed with lots of pristine bodies of water that lend themselves perfect for many sports activities. Because while many tourists prefer relaxed, sight-seeing-focused moments when they travel, there are those who prefer a more outdoorsy, adventure-filled experience.

Here are some of the more exciting water sports activities tourists can try out when they visit the country:

  • Scuba Diving
    Whether it’s Batangas, Boracay, Palawan, or Cebu, scuba diving in the country is a must, with otherworldly marine life that is found nowhere else. Not only does the Philippines have beautiful coral reef systems teeming with schools of fish and rich marine biodiversity, there are also the occasional World War II wrecks (such as Japanese and American ships and airplanes) that remain underwater to this day for divers to explore.
Wakeboarding in Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex. Photo from IKOT.PH
  • Wakeboarding
    Wakeboarding is almost like skateboarding, except that you execute the tricks on water instead of on the ground. In the Philippines, there are several venues where you can have this thrilling and fun activity, whether you’re a pro or a newbie. There’s the CamSur Watersports Complex in Camarines Sur, Bicol; the Republ1c Wakepark in Sta. Rosa, Laguna; the Deca Wake Park in Angeles City, Pampanga; and the Pradera Wake Park in Lubao, Pampanga; just to name a few.
Whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro. Photo from Marist Nagera.
  • Whitewater rafting
    Cagayan de Oro is often referred to as the whitewater rafting capital of the Philippines. It is the only city in the country that offers rafting all year-round. A very popular recreational water sports activity around the world, whitewater rafting involves riding and navigating an inflatable raft in a body of water (usually a river with a strong flow (usually a river with strong currents). It often involves teamwork as part of the experience, which makes it an ideal activity for groups of friends.
Windsurfing in Batangas. Photo from Roy Van Morales.
  • Windsurfing
    Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines surfing and sailing. Also known as “sailboarding” and “boardsailing,” it first became popular in the 1970s in California. Today, it’s one of the most famous water sports activities in the world. In Subic Bay, moderate breezes and soft-sand beaches in Moonbay Marina make it an ideal location for windsurfers of all skill levels.