The scenic view of the infinity pool at the Healing Sanctuary.

Seeing photos of The Farm At San Benito of your favorite celebrities’ posts on Instagram is mind blowing. You can’t help but gasp over the beautiful lush sceneries featured in their snapshots. You must be wondering where these shots were taken. The lagoons surrounded by coconut trees and other green plants are perfect sites to take a selfie or set up a pictorial. Or the many pools you’re so eager to check out for your swimming-spree plans. The luxury resort you are seeing in pictures must be overwhelming and while you make plans to visit like the many celebrities who made The Farm at San Benito their favorite getaway, you might want to know more details about the resort. So here goes.

The gorgeous complex in Lipa, Batangas is just a 90-minute drive south of Manila. It sits on 48 hectares of exuberant green jungle with a stunning view of the majestic mountains. It has different types of 40 private suites and villas where visitors can enjoy their stay. One of the Garden Villas was our 90-sq.m. cozy dwelling for our overnight stay. It has its own gate, a spacious garden where you can do exercises like jumping rope or any kind of workout that doesn’t require too much movement. Our bedroom also has big with a king size bed, a table for two where I was able to do some work upon waking up the next morning. Behind the bedroom is a very spacious all-in-one walk-in closet, washroom, and toilet. Bathrobes and towels are available for use. Near the toilet is a glass sliding door that leads to another spacious bathroom where there is a hot and cold shower and a large bathtub.

Early morning work at the Garden Villa.

Other villas can be larger or smaller than ours though as there are also villas that have their own swimming pools like The Narra Pool Villas and The Mahogany Pool Villas.

Staying at The Farm At San Benito is more than just having your much-needed rest in your luxurious villa in a Covid-free resort though. It’s all about holistic wellness, the optimum state of health for a person. Wellness is when the physical, mental, and spiritual states of a person are in harmony with each other and are perfectly balanced. It is not only about the physical health or mental health, but includes the health of all parts of the body. You’ve got to trace the roots of the illness. And that’s what the famous complex is most passionate about.

The truth is, all of the facilities in The Farm are all designed for wellness. The Holistic Sanctuary where they offer integrative medical services are attended by personable and empathetic doctors who got their specialization in integral medicine abroad. The Healing Sanctuary offers many services, mostly spa treatments that promote wellness. The Acqua Sanctuary is another major establishment in the premises where water is mostly used for therapies. There are three restaurants in the resort you can choose from. The Alive! Restaurant offers tasty vegan food, the Prana Ayurvedic Restaurant is more of Indian-vegetarian cuisine, which means their menu offers food that’s rich in spices, and the Pescetarian Restaurant which offers dishes from the ocean.

Coconut trees and other green plants are all over the property