Corniche A La Minute Eat-All-You-Can returns at Diamond Hotel

Make every dish you savor uniquely yours at Corniche A la Minute Eat-All-You-Can this September at Diamond Hotel Philippines.

Presenting a wide selection of quality ingredients, signature sauces, and a skilled culinary team ready to cater to every diner’s wish, this highly anticipated special is once again offered at a discounted rate of P1,200 nett per person for lunch or dinner on Sept. 24-27. With limited seats available, advance reservations are required.

Japanese favorites

Slip into the feasting mood with a salad, piping hot soup, Japanese staples like sushi and shrimp tempura, and pasta cooked in your preferred sauce to jog your appetite. To cleanse your palate between courses, make room for delectable desserts such as cheesecake slices and Diamond Hotel’s signature homemade ice cream.

Set your eyes on the star of the A la Minute experience: fresh, prime ingredients. Shrimps, crabs and salmon are seafood show-stoppers, while meat lovers will feast with much gusto on premium picks such as beef tenderloin, pork belly, chicken thigh, and lamb chops.

Seafood show-stoppers

Diners can explore the possibilities with different cooking styles and sauces to craft the lunch or dinner of their choice. A robust selection is in store, with preparations that will either amplify the natural flavors of the ingredients, or elevate them with complex, multidimensional combinations. Go for a simple grill to relish the juiciness of the seafood or meat, or opt for a classic accompaniment like garlic butter or black pepper sauce. Taste buds seeking more adventure can dive into various Asian infusions.

Guests may also purchase vouchers for the Corniche A la Minute Eat-All-You-Can at For reservations, call (632) 8528-3000 loc. 1121 or email