HENRY G. BABIERA, CREDITED FOR HIS relentless effort to turn a high-end shopping center, the Greenhill Shopping Complex, into what is now being regarded as the “Divisoria of San Juan” is inviting budget conscious shoppers to visit Greenhills where the 21 th Fiesta Fair Manila is being held until Feb. 3. with almost 1400 importers, mall suppliers, manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, small-time entrepreneurs showcasing their products, wares and services. The 25-day trade fair is organized by Prime Asia Trade Planners & Convention Organizers (PATEPCO). The sprawling Greenhills Shopping Complex is serving as a familiar landmark in the San Juan-Mandaluyong area and a bargain mecca catering to people from all walks of life. Familiar here are bargain hunters who frequent also other flea markets (tiangges) from other parts of the metropolis. Babiera, considered the “Tiangge King” for pioneering in setting up the biggest flea market in Asia several years ago, referred to the Fair as the incubator of micro-industries and would-be entrepreneurs. Being showcased are leather goods, RTW’s, footwear, novelties/ corporate giveaways, bags & luggages, sweet foods & delicacies, cellphones & accessories, fine precious jewelries. Babiera, is also inviting tourists, local and foreign, students, teachers and other members of the academe and from other sectors to visit Las Farolas in Pasig City. Las Farolas fish world complex on Frontera Verde beside Tiendesitas in Ortigas Ave., has been capturing every tourist’s fancy by offering a one-of-kind experience. Las Farolas is one kind in the world…. only in the Philippines. Bernie Repalbor, Las Farolas COO, says Las Farolas is a totally different adventure. It showcases rare and monstrous species from the freshwater habitat. “Although the ‘river monsters’ are not entirely endemic, as most of them have been acquired from breeding farms overseas, Las Farolas is a testament to what is 100% Filipino because the concept and design reflect much of the Philippines in terms of history, culture and heritage.” Adds Repalbor. Since its opening last April 25, over 100,000 visitors from Metro Manila and were able to acquire the unique experience of “interacting” with over 3,000 weird and monstrous-looking yet gentle freshwater species collected from all parts of the globe. Tourists who are fish hobbyists can get the best value for their money for fish items and aquarium accessories from the stores within the sprawling Las Farolas.