Fahri Reza. a 23 year old. pre-med college student was busying preparing himself to be a doctor who can help save thousands of lives through his medical knowledge. He was joyfully pursuing his dreams without knowing that he will soon be facing the most painful obstacle in life!

On October 2010. Fahri Reza started to feel symptoms of pain and numbness in both legs, accompanied by back pain. At first, he did not pay much attention to these symptoms. Eventually, the condition worsens and he felt that things must have turned complicated. Accompanied by his parents. Fahri went to a local hospital in Jakarta. Indonesia for a detailed laboratory examination. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. This news struck his mom heavily that tears immediately came rolling down her cheeks. No one could believe that God has so cold-bloodedly destroyed such a lively and cheerful youth ambitiously pursuing his dreams.

After helplessly looking for help everywhere, his parents finally found a friend that has suffered from cancer as well, and has improved a lot after undergoing treatments in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. They decided to take the chance and packed up for thetripto China.

A full body examination was immediately ordered by Dr. Peisheng Lai afterFahri’sadmission. Laboratory results showed that his mediastinal tumor has increased to 8cm and severely compressed the peripheral nerves; thus, chemotherapy alone cannot make the tumor shrink. After team discussion of the experts. Fahri was advised to undergo a comprehensive treatment of interventional chemotherapy, radioactive seed implantation, and bio-immunotherapy. While the chemotherapeutic drugs are attacking cancer cells in different metastatic lesions, the radioactive seeds shall emit rays to shrink the primary lesion. Then the immunotherapy shall i enhance treatment results byboosting the patient’s immune function, ending up in awholistictreatment result.

‘I can’t believe that I stood up after 1 session of interventional therapy! I could even walk like a normal person. That was so fantastic! I didn’t even feel any discomfort during the treatment procedure!’ Fahri Reza was really impressed by the results. This gave him a great confident that he can certainly defeat cancer.

Reality did not fail Fahri. Upon his recent check-up in MCHG. the doctor informed him that condition is under control and that cancer cells have been eliminated, all that is needed is regular check-up and lab examinations. Three years has passed and Fahri has finally defeated cancer and achieved his dreams. He is now living a normal life and become a kindhearted and skillful doctor.

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