Extended lockdowns and travel restrictions due to the pandemic have changed people’s habits. With limited physical activities, more people face problems with their metabolism, which plays a critical role in maintaining good health.

The findings of Garmin’s 2021 Asia User Health Data report points to this trend.

Garmin’s 2021 Asian User Health Data Report tracked Garmin smart wearable users’ data from January to September 2021 using the smartwatches’ Resting Calories and Active Calories features.

The report revealed lower active calories and higher stress levels among people in most Asia countries compared to last year, which could be attributed to the pandemic and restricted outdoor activities. 

The study shows the Resting Calories of men and women in Asia 55 years old and above dropped significantly. Older users, however, clocked more Weekly Intensity Minutes than younger users, indicating growing health consciousness as people get older. 

Garmin’s study indicates people with a higher average Weekly Intensity Minutes consumed more calories — both Active and Resting Calories — emphasizing the importance of exercise in maintaining good metabolism.

A sedentary lifestyle has been a pressing concern among a growing number of Filipinos even before the pandemic. 

Garmin’s latest report reveals Filipinos average 42.82 Intensity Minutes, the fourth lowest average values in the SEA region with Hong Kong leading at 53 minutes.  

Filipinos ranked fourth globally in terms of being sleep-deprived, according to a study by Sleep Cycle in 2019. The report revealed Filipinos sleep an average of 6.5 hours a day versus the recommended 7 or more hours of sleep for adults. 

Garmin’s 2021 report also said that in terms of stress level, the Philippines was second only to Indonesia in having the highest stress level in Asia.

To encourage Filipinos to choose a healthier lifestyle, Garmin launched a new campaign aimed at helping users stay motivated and on track in their fitness goals. 

The #HealthIsAChoice #ChooseGarmin campaign encourages a scientific approach to pursuing health goals for the long term, with smartwatches as a way to track progress, maintain good metabolism and keep motivated. With this campaign, Garmin hopes to make exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle an easier choice for more Filipinos. 

Garmin Asia Senior Director Mr. Scoppen Lin shared, “The public’s awareness of health has improved significantly, and a lot of it has to do with the pandemic. In 2021, Garmin’s health and wellness product lines, which feature comprehensive health functions such as blood oxygen monitoring, had a strong growth of approximately 30 percent in the Asian markets.”

Garmin’s smart wearables help users keep an eye on health factors by monitoring sleep and stress, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration rate. 

Garmin encourages more health enthusiasts and fitness rookies to #ChooseGarmin in their self-training and physical activity monitoring and measurement.  

To motivate users to continue exercising and boost their metabolism toward achieving better health and fitness, Garmin’s devices have sensors and trackers that show users’ progress. These help users see how their bodies are reacting to physical activities. Seeing positive results can give them a sense of achievement and motivate them further in their health and fitness journey.