THIS SHOULD make a unique gift. Arrow, a global provider of bathroom fixtures, has a new line of shower heads, Bathmaster.
It is a collection of personalized and user-friendly shower utilities. It includes Slimming Shower, Hair and Skin Massage Showerhead, Shower Spa and the Bluetooth Shower.
These innovative products are also environment-friendly as they use less water than typical showers.
The Slimming Shower claims to prevent fat accumulation beneath the skin by improving blood circulation. It relieves muscle strain, rejuvenates skin and promotes the body’s energy flow. It has massage cups in different sizes.
The water suction technology enables cups to relieve muscle tension, similar to ventosa cupping therapy. It is ideal for those who want to lose weight and achieve that perfect form.
Another shower is the Hair and Skin Massage Showerhead designed to massage the scalp for it to breathe and keep its natural oils. It has a hand shank that can extend up to 120 mm to exfoliate and reach the other parts of the body.
The Shower Spa protects the skin with its three built-in filters and removes chlorine and other toxins found in water.
For music lovers the Bluetooth Shower can connect to any device via Bluetooth and it can receive calls and play music for up to 10 hours.
All showerheads save 50-70 percent of water compared to ordinary showerheads.
Arrow Bathroom Fixtures is at 168 MC Depot, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City; tel. 6651991; visit today.


Taken from:
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Issue: 10 Dec 2014
Page: C4 Lifestyle