The popular W/17 brings in a postwar furniture line from Denmark

THE COMPANY that transformed a warehouse into a purveyor of elegance, W/17, has opened a shop in a mall.

VERANDA by W/17 is a new showroom that carries exquisite furniture and home accessories by local and global artisans.
The setting of Veranda by W/17 brings the tranquility of the outdoors to the living room.
Located on the fourth level of Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall Bldg. A, Veranda by W/17 makes quality home furniture and accessories now accessible to mall-goers.
Veranda by W/17 not only carries furniture and home accessories by local and global artisans but also highlights hacienda living.
One of the furniture lines is Sika Design from Denmark.
Since 1950, Sika Design has been making handmade furniture with comfort, quality and sustainability as its main requirements for the design and the manufacturing process.
Its wicker furniture is handed down through generations. Worldwide, hotels, restaurants and cruise ships are furnished with furniture from Sika Design.
“We discovered Sika Design on our discovery trips abroad and loved how it has made traditional designs modern through color and structure. It brings us back to the days of haciendas, and old country homes of our grandparents, but in a more modern manner,” said Veranda owner Kaye Tiñga.
The name comes from the Sika deer, which is light and elegant.
The company was established in Mossø, where during the war there was growing unemployment and shortage of raw materials. The production was based on free raw materials, such as straw from the fields and reeds gathered from the marshes.
After the war, baskets were made from wicker in the state prison of Horsens.
The timeless design in wicker and rattan fits well with contemporary trends.

Sika Design is exclusively offered at Veranda by W/17.


Taken from:
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Issue: 10 Dec 2014
Page: D4 Lifestyle