Are you one to fancy a road trip to your favorite destinations with a brand new car every three or four years—without actually ever owning one? 

That’s KINTO ONE, a mobility service, which Toyota has recently launched to help Filipino travelers shift from conventional car ownership to usership. 

A product package offered by Toyota Financial Services Philippines, KINTO ONE is a full service lease package with no down payment required. The fixed monthly subscription covers vehicle registration, annual comprehensive insurance, and regular periodic and preventive maintenance. Once the lease term is completed, the customer simply returns the vehicle to Toyota Financial Services and everything else is taken care of. 

It’s a worry-free option for customers, especially those who want a new car on a regular basis.

“KINTO is a step closer to realizing Toyota’s vision of Mobility for All. We would like to provide as much flexibility as possible to customers based on their lifestyle and preferences.  We recognize that the next generation has a need for car usage, but not necessarily in the form of vehicle ownership. KINTO makes it easy for them,” said Atsushi Murakami, President of Toyota Financial Services Philippines.

If you’re a frequent traveler to places where you can actually drive to (without needing a plane ride) such as La Union or Bicol, this might be a viable option for you.

KINTO ONE offers basic level of customization to suit the customer’s lifestyle. See details below.

KINTO ONE is available in all Toyota Metro Manila dealers beginning June 26, 2020.  For more details, visit KINTO ONE Official Facebook page: